Dutch startup Reveall pivots to product discovery in bid to stop feature-failure

Amsterdam, January 10th 2023 – Amsterdam-based startup Reveall announced the launch of a new set of product discovery features, marking a pivot that will see the European company attempt to disrupt the more traditional product management space led by American giants like ProductBoard and Aha.

Backed by Fortino Capital and Dutch Founders Fund, Reveall started in 2021 as a platform to empower UX teams to do more with their customer research insights. As they sought to navigate some of the most volatile market conditions startups have ever faced, the founders realized that they couldn’t afford to make any wrong decisions when it came to what they would build next.

“Our goal has always been to bridge the gap between customer insights and product decisions because companies spend a lot of time and resources building things that fail. As we found ourselves facing similar challenges, we really wanted to understand why this occurred at a deeper level – and how to make product decisions that consistently delivered value for customers.” – says CEO and co-founder Ferdinand Goetzen.

As the founders did a deep analysis of their situation, they realized they were guilty of some of the common pitfalls that derailed other product teams – most notably, prioritizing features based on requests, competitors and market trends, rather than on the basis of a deep understanding of the customer problems they need to be solving. As the team at Reveall began focusing on what problems they should be solving, they learned that every product team they spoke to, was running into similar issues.

Through this exploration, they kept coming back to product discovery – the process of deeply understanding your customers’ problems, needs and desires so that you can create compelling features for them. It attempts to address the natural inclination that people frequently have to jump straight to prioritizing solutions without first validating that those solutions actually solve real and important customer problems.

“By doing our own product discovery, we realized that what many product teams needed help with the most was product discovery. While other PM tools obsess with adding endless ideas to already unmanageable backlogs and building roadmaps that never get met, we wanted to actually help make the discovery process easier. This led us to revamping our product over the past weeks and re-launching Reveall as the first product management platform dedicated to product discovery – a milestone towards achieving our mission” adds Ferdinand Goetzen.

In these uncertain economic times, a product discovery platform like Reveall –which enables teams to easily define, validate and prioritize their biggest opportunities and align their teams around the most effective solutions– can bring game-changing efficiency for companies that need to be lean, avoid waste and directly translate effort to ROI. Companies like PostNL, Signify, Cradle and WestLotto already see Reveall as a vital strategic tool to help them amplify the impact of their time-constrained product teams to deliver rapid business results, and adoption of product discovery is only likely to increase as customers experience the benefits of these optimisations.

About Reveall

Reveall is a product discovery platform that empowers teams to build products that customers really need. Founded in Amsterdam in 2021, Reveall serves a number of industry-leading businesses, including PostNL, Signify and WestLotto. Learn more at Reveall.co

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