Free workplace education on inflation launched

Radcliffe & Newlands are providing free webinars on rising inflation to their corporate clients. The content is part of their paid-for financial education service, released now as a public service announcement that companies can use to help their employees understand what’s going on. It’s delivered in an easy to understand way with examples and a bit of analysis.

Jason Ransted, Managing Director of Radcliffe & Newlands said:

‘It’s part of our general video and webinar education service which is based on life events like starting to plan a family, caring for elderly parents, starting new relationships, learning about investment for the first time as you suddenly realise you need to start thinking about retirement. All of these things happen in life and the worries associated with them stay in your head whether you’re at home or at work. Workplace education therefore shouldn’t just be about how to get the most out of your workplace pension – it should address all the things in life that impact you.

Many of these things are predictable events. Other things like rapidly rising inflation, you don’t expect to come up every year. So, our service also picks up on events like this and addresses them because they’re part of life today.’

Employers who want to deliver more financial education to their colleagues during difficult times can get in touch with Jason Ransted to access this free service.

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