Launching an Innovation Marketing Agency

Innovation is inspiring, creates change, moves industries and gets us all that bit closer to a sustainable world. But, innovation is failing, miserably, 95% of innovations bite the dust (According to Harvard Business Review). We’ve launched an innovation marketing agency to put an end to this.

Innovation comes in three waves 

Incremental innovation, where 70% of new products or services are simply the same solution for the same customer, but slightly better. Adjacent innovations, where 20% of new products or services make slight adjustments to enter new markets. Or the real game-changes, 10% transformational innovations – these are the ones that hit the news, break the internet, but also often fail, woefully.

You might ask, why if transformational innovations fail, do organisations and new start-ups chase them so often? It’s a good question – the answer is, that without transformational innovations, companies will, eventually, die. That sounds drastic, but all markets go through years of incremental improvements to keep market share. But, in time, the incremental innovations offer less and less impact and leave the business in a race to the bottom to win on pricing.

If you want proof – 89% of fortune 500 companies from 1955 are gone.

Wildtribe believes if we’re going to fastrack humanity to a sustainable future, innovations need to be succeeding at a greater rate. And so, we’ve relaunched Wildtribe as the agency to support pioneers in communicating their message to the world.

The landscape of innovation includes three metrics 

The adoption curve is where organisations need to drive business excellence. The trust curve, where greater trust in the innovation powers up adoption and vice versa. Finally – momentum, there are external and internal factors that can and cannot be controlled here.

By taking a ‘human-centric’ marketing philosophy, one that focuses on building trust, you can enable innovations that have reached the market, to succeed. To support organisations in this space, we’ve developed a suite of services to build awareness, engagement and intent to adopt new ways of thinking and doing.

Services Include:

  • Marketing & innovation consultancy
  • B2B community building
  • Employee advocacy
  • Impact campaigns
  • Marketing ecosystem

Find out more information on these services at –

Core Focus Sectors:

  • Aerospace
  • Tech (SaaS, AI, AR/VR, Web3)
  • Renewables & Sustainability
  • Business Consultancies

Why these sectors? There’s an explosion of innovation happening across these sectors. For their own reasons – each needs greater support in driving adoption. For example, in Tech there’s been an almost instantaneous explosion of 25K+ in SaaS solutions and an annual growth rate of 54% in AI tech. But, as with all of these markets, they are dealing with decision makers that are time-poor, untrusting of new technology, have embedded ways of working, and in some cases, feel they are too far behind the tech curve to learn new things.

We’ve taken the time, done the research, and created the strategies to help innovators become the trusted guides these decision-makers need. Handholding communities into a new future, instead of forcing it upon them.

Andy Gibson – Company Director: “CEO’s around the world are grappling with how to deploy a culture of change, to enable their businesses to deploy ways of working that adopt new technology at a quicker rate, helping them to stay competitive. We need this same shift in global culture. We seem to resist change at all quarters – from new tech to vegetarianism, integrated renewables, to equality, the list goes on – and it doesn’t need to be like this. A culture of change, celebrating future thinking, and openness to progress will help us to get to a place where humanity can find a steady footing. We’re here to help change-makers guide communities into the future”


For further information, please contact Andy Gibson, Company Director & Founder: [email protected] / +44 (0)7903130696

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