Money Saved, Trees Embraced: How Tenere is Accelerating Global Reforestation Efforts

Designed to Save Consumers Money While Giving Back to the Environment, Tenere is on Target to Plant Six Million Trees by 2024

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Dec 1, 2022

From mobile apps to browser extensions, consumers now hold the power to make informed decisions, compare pricing, and enjoy the fruits of convenience with the typical purchasing decisions they make every day. However, one technology company is on a mission to empower consumers, champion positive environmental impact, and change the world.

Introducing Tenere, the purpose-driven website and browser extension designed to help accelerate reforestation efforts. Tenere works as a coupon-based platform, working for users in the background as they shop to find them the best deal on any given purchase. Tenere scours the web for the best deals at over 30,000 retailers to bring consumers exclusive deals to save precious dollars while giving back to the environment. From each purchase made, a portion is donated to planting trees in the areas around the world that need them most.

Trees are a necessary cornerstone for sustaining the well-being of the plant and life on earth. However, as time goes on and civilization continues to expand, these beautiful trees are slowly but surely dying out. Tenere was created not only to save consumers money but also the trees and the planet by making giving back to the environment both effortless and incentivized.

Totally free to use, Tenere strategically partners with more than nine tree-planting projects worldwide to make this mission a reality. Tenere upholds an unparalleled sense of financial transparency to the public, providing all revenue and donation reports monthly, with tree certifications fully provided. Since December 2021, the Tenere Team has already donated 55,687 trees to reforestation efforts and plans to create its own planting project by 2025.

The name “Tenere Team” was inspired by the L’Arbre du Ténéré, otherwise known as the most isolated tree. Most often recognized in the beginning credits of Disney’s The Lion King, the Tenere tree stood in the Sahara Desert, over 400 kilometers away from the nearest plant life.

With this isolated tree in mind, the Tenere Team seeks to ensure that no tree stands alone. Through proof of concept, dedication to innovation, and unwavering commitment to plant trees where they are needed most, the Tenere Team’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition.

About Tenere Team

Tenere is a cutting-edge website and web browser extension that automatically applies coupons as consumers shop online. Founded in 2020, the Tenere Team is dedicated to accelerating reforestation efforts across the globe by planting trees where they are needed most. Available on most major web browsers including Firefox, Microsoft EDGE, and Google Chrome, Tenere donates a portion of each purchase made to tree-planting initiatives around the world. By 2024, Tenere hopes to plant six million trees and later create its own planting project.





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