New PodCast Series from Prominent International Businessman Robert Kubbernus

Renowned entrepreneur and businessman Robert Kubbernus has started his own business advice and tips PodCast, freely available to all via SoundCloud.

Robert Kubbernus, International businessman and entrepreneur, currently based in Europe, and with business interests as far afield as his native Canada and London, has over 30 years of experience in creating, running, and growing Global Businesses.

This gives Robert a wealth of experience and stories to share, and of course, these days everyone has chosen PodCasts as the new digital medium of choice from which to share their thoughts and experiences.

Speaking exclusively, Robert Kubbernus said: ‘I’m delighted with this new project, but of course am anxious about the value of the program for business owners who are facing challenges. This is a totally new departure for me so I am hopeful that sharing my tips, tricks and traps will have value. A good business should always be looking for new ways to engage, and this is the perfect opportunity for me to find out exactly how a PodCast can grow and develop your audience.’

Due to Robert Kubbernus’s busy schedule as the head of multiple international projects, every month the PodCast will feature paid voice artists who will narrate aloud his latest blogs.

Robert adds: ‘I am looking forward to collaborating with my Podcast voice partners in order to deliver the best content and program I can.’

Bookmark his SoundCloud or Anchor FM site to hear the new editions as soon as they’re released!

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