SocialBox.Biz Announces Two New Upcoming Initiatives for Helping Refugees and Homeless People Pave Paths to Success


SocialBox.Biz Community Interest Company Invites Public Organisations like Local Council School, College, or University to Participate in #EarthDay2023 and Scholarship for Refugees and Homeless People Initiative. 

As #EarthDay2023 approaches on April 22, 2023, SocialBox.Biz is inviting organisations to join their initiative by donating outdated but usable tech. While many organisations choose to recycle their old laptops and other devices, this isn’t a sustainable solution. Donating to SocialBox.Biz, however, is netzero for pollution. 

Reuse and donations of outdated but functioning technology to SocialBox.Biz are better for the environment and society than recycling.

Being “netzero” for pollution means that in the case of the SocialBox.Biz initiative, manufacturing and transport from afar are eliminated and there is no need to burn energy recycling items that can still be used. SocialBox.Biz recently released a YouTube video that explains why the reuse of tech is better than recycling. Watch the video now at

This premise – that reusing and donating is environmentally superior to recycling – is one that has been acknowledged by local councils. For example, the West Oxfordshire District Council has made it their policy to donate IT equipment. See more at

The SocialBox.Biz initiative is a socially and environmentally responsible cause that accepts donations of used but outdated technology, wipes it clean, loads it with open source software, and puts it into the hands of those who need it – the homeless and refugees, namely.

SocialBoz.Biz is on a mission to collect at least 5,000 qualifying items from public institutions ahead of Earth Day, which falls on April 22, 2023.

In addition, the 2023-2024 Scholarship for Refugees and Homeless People is currently accepting the same kind of donations from educational institutions. This is an opportunity for organisations to help fund scholarships for people from refugee and homeless backgrounds while also boosting their school, college, or university in the media.

Organisations who choose to donate will be featured in a special press release, and the institution collecting the most donations will receive an additional press release that focuses on their contributions. Further details can be found at


SocialBox.Biz is a Community Interest Company (CIC) improving the local community by providing innovative technology solutions.

SocialBox.Biz launched in 2014 to take unused and outdated laptops and other no longer needed but still usable technology from businesses, organisations, and other agencies and wipe them clean before upgrading and donating them to those in need. Today, the company is working towards larger donation milestones. In order to ensure all reused laptops are used to their fullest, SocialBox.Biz works with accommodation services and charities that monitor usage of the electronics.

SocialBox.Biz as a community interest company works on collecting tech donations, wiping laptops clean, loading them with open source software, and handing some of them over to charities and organisations benefiting the less fortunate. This method has already helped countless people, including older people living on a small pension who can not afford a computer, and people who experienced homelessnes get back on their feet by taking college classes and applying to jobs. Plus, the laptops are a great way for refugees to communicate with family and integrate into the British society. This is also helping businesses solve the problem of old stock from their offices.

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