Calum Melville’s Edison Group announces appointment of new Director as part of continued growth and expansion

The Edison Group are continuing their recent spate of expansion success stories with the announcement that they’ve promoted long-standing senior manager, Euan Martin, to a full Directorship of the Company along with an issued shareholding.

Prior to his appointment at The Edison Group, Euan Martin was an experienced property professional with years of experience across Scotland and England working for everything from a large high street agent, and a franchise, to the largest online agent in the UK.

Within the ever-expanding success story that is The Edison Group, Euan will look after all things property-related across the group of companies: – The Property Solutions Company, Edison Commercial Property, Edison Property Company, and Edison Serviced Accommodation.

Euan says: ‘I’m obviously delighted with my new role, in particular with the faith shown in me by Group CEO Calum Melville, and I’m keen to keep us moving in the right direction. That will include involvement in the roll out of additional services for one of our newest acquisitions, GDC Design, into a whole new service area for the company, namely property maintenance for residential clients.’

Group CEO & Founder Calum Melville, says: ‘Really thrilled for Euan, and for us obviously, as it’s always important for a growing company to keep their biggest talents in-house and not lose them elsewhere. I’m certain Euan will help us to continue to expand and grow to our fullest potential, and I can’t wait to see what 2023 brings for us all.’

This news comes off the back of several recent announcements about successes and expansions from Group CEO Calum Melville, including news about a new Head Office building and two new company acquisitions. Read more about those here.

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