: New Flavour Invention Breathes Fire Into Patented ‘Mint Twister’ from London Based Promotional Goods Company.

Stephen Taylor, Jewish Businessman and Inventor, has come up trumps yet again with another promotional gift industry-leading invention.

His Mint Twister will shortly be available in a brand new flavour – Spicy Chilli Mint – a flavour which Stephen Taylor himself has developed and created.

Stephen Taylor, Propaganda CEO and Founder, takes up the story. ‘The Mint Twister is a great fun and interactive promotional gift and we thought about adding a little something extra to literally spice up the product. So having thought that we wanted to spice up the next thought was how do we achieve this goal? As we did not want to re-engineer any aspects of the product the next best thing was to literally spice up the mints, so hey presto we introduce the Chili Mint flavoured Mint Twister and yes we hope it will also spice up the sales!’

Why not spice up your life – and that of your clients – by making them a gift they will remember you by forever?

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