KlimaDAO and Silverpine Partner to Expand Carbon Neutral Tokenization of Real World Assets

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Feb 28, 2023 08:00 EST

KlimaDAO is an on-chain scaling solution for the Voluntary Carbon Market. KlimaDAO aims to open up the market to greater transparency and efficiency by combining digital carbon with a blockchain-enabled technology stack.

Silverpine is a fintech platform that enables greater access to alternative investment products, including collectible cars. Silverpine’s mission is to democratize access to alternative investments through fractional ownership. Historically, high-value assets such as collectible cars have been out of reach for much of the market; however, by leveraging novel tools developed using digital technologies, Silverpine can now change this and enable greater participation in the alternative investment space. 

The entire automotive sector is required to consider its carbon footprint and strive to achieve carbon neutrality over the coming years. Silverpine as a part of this industry with the tokenization of collectible cars, has partnered with KlimaDAO to demonstrate carbon neutrality can be achieved efficiently and transparently. 

KlimaDAO is developing public and transparent infrastructure that allows the sourcing and offsetting of carbon credits to be achieved on the blockchain – meaning that all offsetting can be traceable and verifiable. To this end, through this collaboration, KlimaDAO and Silverpine have partnered to offset the emissions associated with the EVO II’s expected lifetime emissions – equalling 76 tonnes of carbon dioxide. 

KlimaDAO has produced a certificate that is tied to the EVO’s unique vehicle identification number; this enables the carbon offset to be verified and attributed to the EVO. The carbon credits used represent the environmental benefit from investments made at the Solar Power Project by SolarArise India Projects Pvt. Ltd.

Scan the QR on the image to see the proof of carbon offset.

Silverpine and KlimaDAO share a vision for more transparent and accessible markets for all, and this collaboration demonstrates how this technology can bring real benefits to consumers. 

About Silverpine

Silverpine is a fintech platform for alternative investment, making unique collectible cars accessible through fractional ownership. Allowing people to own a piece of an iconic car without the hassle of storage and maintenance.

App is available on Google Play and Apple App store

About KlimaDAO 

KlimaDAO’s mission is to accelerate the delivery of climate finance globally by building the transparent, neutral, and public infrastructure needed to scale the Digital Carbon Market. Contact KlimaDAO.

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