Major Tree Planting to Offset Carbon Use Scheme Announced by London Based Promotional Goods Company.

Stephen Taylor, Jewish Businessman and Inventor, today announces that his industry-leading Promotional Goods company, Propaganda, will begin donating money to the National Trust’s tree-planting campaign for every promotional good sold this year.

Stephen Taylor, Propaganda CEO & Founder, says: ‘We at Propaganda support the National Trust tree planting campaign and feel the work that is undertaken by The National Trust is absolutely fantastic. It has an array of projects all of which are UK focused and we are delighted to support in particular their tree planting campaigns.’

From the National Trust’s website: ‘We know that trees are one of our best natural defences against climate change which is devastating places where people and nature can thrive. We predict that planting and establishing 20 million trees will, at their peak, store around 300,000 tonnes of carbon a year.’

We only have one planet, and with determined leadership by forward-thinking established companies like Stephen Taylor’s Propaganda, we can keep moving towards the ultimate goal of keeping our home safe and secure for future generations.

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