New Book Reveals the Secrets Behind Building a Strong Brand

The Smart Branding Book, written by best-selling author and established thought leader in marketing Dan White, presents in a concise fashion the latest thinking and methods for successful branding.

A strong brand is now essential for business success. However, for many, the secrets behind building a powerful and memorable brand are still a mystery.

The Smart Branding Book introduces all key brand-building concepts and frameworks, brought to life by examples from the world’s most successful brands including Coca-Cola, Oreo and KFC. The book covers all parts of the process – from brand development to measuring.

Dan White tells why he decided to write the book: “I have tackled a range of intellectual challenges during my career but the one I keep returning to is how to build a brand. Brands fascinate me. We know they’re valuable, yet we can’t quite define them. We know the factors that influence them but struggle to harness these consistently. The subject is awash with contradictory perspectives, often based on opinion rather than evidence, making it difficult for marketers to know what to think. My aim in writing The Smart Branding Book was to provide clarity and ensure that everything was supported by strong evidence. I hope that readers will find it easy to understand all the key principles of brand building and apply them in their businesses.”

The Smart Branding Book is the most comprehensive, yet succinct overview of learning and advice related to building a successful brand. The author’s trademark, hand-drawn illustrations explain all concepts concisely and readers will find it easy to follow and apply the key principles to their businesses.

Professor Byron Sharp, Director of Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, says about the book: “On one hand, I do worry that simplified ‘marketing for dummies’ type books don’t reflect well on our profession. On the other hand, this book is better than most university brand management books, which for all their seriousness do a poor job of representing the real evidence.”

Dan White is a trainer and consultant who has worked in the marketing and branding sector for over 30 years. He is the author of The Smart Marketing Book and The Soft Skills Book (Concise Advice Series, LID).


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