Wreckdock, an industry leader in responsible vessel recycling, announces the launch of a new innovative offshore recycling company and offers an early investment round of discounted shares for early-stage investors.

Wreckdock recently drew attention over its bid to develop a safe and sustainable facility located in Saudi Arabia, including a fully serviced labor compound for its employees.

This is an super exciting opportunity for investors looking to personally get involved and participate by supporting this sustainable world-class venture.

Based on the construction of four drydocks from 350 meter to 500 meter long with eight quays where the team can use heavy-duty cranes, magnets, and other machinery tools, it can dismantle the end-of-life vessel within two weeks. During the process, Wreckdock follows strict rules and regulations to recycle all the raw materials and to trade them to the company’s suppliers for a new life. The facility will be following Industrial requirements such as BIMCO Recyclecon, The Hong Kong Convention, and the EU’s Ship Recycling Regulation.

Every incoming vessel starts with a vessel recycling project plan which includes a ship recycling facility plan where its team of experts details the recycling for every vessel, including the inventory report of hazardous materials.

Wreckdock Vessel Recycling focuses on circular demolition, attempting to reuse the larger amount of demolition waste from the decommissioning project or convert it into raw material so that it can be traded to accredited customers. After every vessel, the team recycles a full and final recycling report, and a vessel recycling certificate will be administrated.

Through responsible waste management programs, Wreckdock Vessel Recycling can protect the environment from the pollution of oil, gasoline, and other chemical and unfriendly ecologic materials with a risk to the environment and stop the unresponsible dismantling and recycling of end-of-life vessels on beaches in Asia.

All the oceans in the world are connected, and by using the beach and the ocean for dismantling vessels, the results for the Eco life are extremely negative. Wreckdock expects to dismantle and recycle 48 to 52 end-of-life vessels annually in its brand-new sustainable and responsible facility.

Wreckdock collects, processes, and recycles all released materials and resells them to international market parties. The firm includes the global trade and supply of steel products, financial buying and selling operations, and international trade in ferrous and non-ferrous metals and oil.

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